[Market-farming] Seeders

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Sun Nov 21 14:03:57 EST 2004

On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 12:05:28PM -0600, Bill Bradshaw wrote:
> > Looking at the new Johnny's catalog.  For a long while, I have been
> > needing a seeder to plant small seeds in relatively short rows,
> > 10'-100'.  I have heard negative reports on Earthways.  How about some
> > recommendations?  Earthway?  Glaser? Pinpoint?
> >
> Willie have you looked at the vacuum planters? I want one real bad but
> haven't cut loose with the money yet. Look at marketfarm.com planters I like
> the mater-mac. TexasBill

Yeah, I've been admiring them.  I think you should buy one and then 
report back.

But, this project is to plant a small amount of small seed.  
"10'-100'".  I wouldn't want to hook a $2K planter up to a tractor to 
do 10' of row.

BTW, my IH274 developed alarming noises in the rear gearing.  Brand new 
tractor at less than 400 hours.  Sent it off to the shop.  Turned out 
to be just something loose that needed to be tightened.  Had the belly 
lift cylinder re-built at the same time.  No parts available.  Shop 
sent it off to a hydraulics place that matched up rubber parts.  Did no 
good, still leaks down.  I presume that it is something in the control 
valve.  I still haven't gotten my belly cultivators lined out.

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