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SaladG at aol.com SaladG at aol.com
Tue Nov 16 09:16:55 EST 2004

Are any of you using any paper mulches of photodegradable mulches for 
growing?  What has been the results of these products in your area?  

We did a study using different color plastic's to see the differnt affects on 
aphids this year,however being as wet a year we had no aphids that I could 
find so maybe next year we will be able to see some differnt results.  Used 
chome and silver both, both raised excellent crops of differnt products that we 
grew on them.  Would still like to have a paper product that will degrade after 
a years use.  The plastic mulch is really a lot of work in the fall removing 
it and getting it to the recycler, this year we used about 24,000 ft and that 
makes a big pile when all gathered up. However I won't try growing without it, 
it will almost double our production and ease of picking.

Phil from Iowa

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