[Market-farming] QUESTION: High tunnels

Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Mon Nov 15 15:27:50 EST 2004

Another great resource.  Thank you so much!

Will check the ATTRA publication when I visit the U.S. this spring.

All best wishes,


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Janet Bachmann wrote:

> Check out the Web site www.hightunnels.org for lots of info.  Also, 
> the newly revised version of the ATTRA publication /Season Extension 
> Techniques for Market Gardeners/ will be available soon.  The biggest 
> change from the last version is the section on high tunnels.  Call 
> 800-346-9140 if you would like a copy--no charge.
> Janet Bachmann
> Fayetteville, AR
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