[Market-farming] QUESTION: High tunnels

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Mon Nov 15 10:44:11 EST 2004

Thanks Janet for the link. I found http://www.hightunnels.org/resources.htm  esp helpful. I'm in the middle of finishing one right now (if the weather clears and snow melts quickly here at 7,000 elev.)  Also located sources for better coverings at http://www.thortarp.com/applications/clear_grnhse.htm and http://h2othouse.com/html/greenhouse_glazing.html . 

paul at largocreekfarms.com

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On 11/15/2004 at 8:34 AM Janet Bachmann wrote:

>Check out the Web site www.hightunnels.org for lots of info.  Also, the 
>newly revised version of the ATTRA publication Season Extension 
>Techniques for Market Gardeners will be available soon.  The biggest 
>change from the last version is the section on high tunnels.  Call 
>800-346-9140 if you would like a copy--no charge.
>Janet Bachmann
>Fayetteville, AR
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