[Market-farming] Mild fall weather?

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> What is the weather really
> supposed to be like here anyway?

Good question Ken.  I have lived here since 1964 on this farm and every year 
has been different.  We had record cool summer, and some months record rain 
fall, which lead to record corn crop in our area.  On a norm of 250 bu corn and 
65 bu beans.  Corn for an average of this amount is unheard of for our area 
but I have heard of some yield somewhat over the 250 mark.  We had one field do 
a little over that of 262bu over the scale's, so the old saying rain makes 
grain really held true for us this year even though it was a record cool summer.  
Go figure?

Had record yields from our gardens this year as well, even thhough there were 
times it was really a challange to even get through the mud to pick, but is 
sure beat's what we had last year in the three years of drought, I will take 
the mud any day over the dust and the heat.

Phil from SW Iowa
Zone 4
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