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Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Sun Nov 14 18:56:39 EST 2004

Kevin, Hi 

Thank you for the advice and the pictures.  Very helpful...and very nice 

I also really liked  your soil sifter.  May try that too.

Many thanks and all best wishes,


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Kevin Wilson wrote:

>>I've never used high tunnels and am wondering if they would be adaptable
>>to our rotations in this rainy windy tropical climate.  For example, if
>>Is it
>>advisable for all thumbs (green though) folks to build by self or better
>>to buy kit?   Are high tunnels workable on sloped land or need the
>>surface be pretty flat?  Any advice, suggestions, experience, thoughts
>>would be greatly appreciated.
>I built our first high tunnel this spring in a our windy rainy location. We
>used 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe for the hoops, fitted over rebar stakes, with
>plywood strengthening panels / stud frame at the ends. For bird netting and
>maybe shade cloth you should be able to just use clamps to hold them onto
>the frame since they won't have as much wind resistance as the plastic.
>Burying the plastic edges is good for wind but you can't then roll up the
>sides easily, which we needed to do. We ended up with the edges of the
>plastic rolled around long battens, and a concrete block on top of the roll
>to hold it down at each hoop location (about every 3 feet). The plastic
>edges were wrapped around the plywood sections at the ends of the house and
>held with multiple spring clamps. (There was a separate sheet of plastic
>covering each end, with a door in it). This survived 60 km/h winds. Wind
>survival is better if the ends are open, since the wind just goes straight
>on through. We found that the side *away* from the wind direction is the one
>that tends to lift up, due to lift generated by the wind blowing over the
>curved surface of the house.
>General pics are here:
>in the FFarm 4/04 and Veg 6/04folders, mainly.
>Hope that helps
>Kevin Wilson
>Fiddlers Farm, Powell River, BC, Canada
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