[Market-farming] Mild fall weather?

Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 14 13:27:17 EST 2004

Regards to the list,

Is anyone NOT experiencing mild fall weather this year?  Here in southern 
Missouri, the first fall frost was 3 weeks late this year (30°F on 11/5; 
average first frost here is 10/15).  We've had one other frost (29°F on 
11/12), and the weather's looking to be frost-free for another week yet.  
Usually, we should've had at least 5-10 frosts by now, with one of them 
getting down to 20°F.

We had similar weather last fall -- first frost was 4 weeks late, and we had 
one of the warmest Novembers in a long time.

It's nice to have a longer season, but two mild falls in a row makes me 
nervous and makes me wonder about global weather changes...

Ken Bezilla
East Wind
southern Missouri, zone 6b

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