[Market-farming] QUESTION: High tunnels

Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Sun Nov 14 12:21:46 EST 2004

Hi Allan,

Thanks for responding.  To answer your questions: 

Maybe, to start, about 3 or 6 tunnels, each a minimum of 14 feet wide by 
about 20-30 feet long or longer.   After we see how that works (and 
whether the unanticipated problems are less than the current ones and 
the benefits greater) we'll increase or expand (or shrink) accordingly. 

We would prefer and are willing (capable is another question) to try to 
make own frames if the materials are available affordably here in 

Best wishes,


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Allan Balliett wrote:

> Hi, Karen!
> How large of an area are you hoping to cover?
> How large is your budget? (I mean: are you going to buy a kit or are 
> you willing to make your own frame?)
> (Yes, you can hoop house on a slope!)
> -Allan
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