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I'm assuming that you are an entry-level farmer, so I'll give you the
best advice you can get: whenever in doubt, ask people in your
horticultural zone/climatic region. They know your situation better than
people who live far away from you.

I know that at least one member of this listserve farms in your
region--Allan Balliet. Why don't you check with him?

Thanks for the advice.  I worked for Allan for 2 seasons and never learned 
anything about growing shallots so it didn't occur to me to ask him now.  I have 
asked a couple local farmers who do grow shallots and have gotten different 
stories about how they grow them.  I believe one farmer plants them in the 
spring and the other farmer plants them in the fall and doesn't mulch them.  I 
just assumed this list could be a way to learn other opinions on techniques for 
growing shallots.  There doesn't seem to be as much information on them as 
garlic, for example.

Thanks anyway,
Knoxville, MD
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