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herbthyme at simcon.net herbthyme at simcon.net
Tue Nov 2 15:54:06 EST 2004

Ron Engeland in "Growing Great Garlic" states that it is not necessary to add extra phosphorus as an amendment, even when soil is deficient.  He stresses the need for nitrogen, but also rich organic matter for large bulbs.
I plan to take his advice on garlic, but what do I do about shallots?  Do they like lots of phosphorus?  

Margret, I live here in Northeast Ohio, Zone 5.  And I just got my garlic and shallots in a week or so ago.  Middle of October is when, and I too have read Ron's book.  However, I buy my seeds from Bobba-Mike's here in Orville Ohio, and he recommends that I mulch the shallots heavily for this area.  I have never grown shallots before so I guess we will see next spring. I have read both things so I wonder... As far as harvesting them, I think they are like garlic, 40% brown on the tips.  I also added chicken poo to the rows as I did for the garlic.  Hope that was ok too!  

Herb Thyme
Middlefield, Oh

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