[Market-farming] fertilizer for bulbs

MaggsMD at aol.com MaggsMD at aol.com
Mon Nov 1 08:31:56 EST 2004

I just planted some asiatic lilies and oriental lilies.  I was out of 
bonemeal and used a 2-4-2 organic fertilizer from Fertrell.  I dug the holes to the 
recommended depth and incorporated about a tablespoon of fertilizer in each 
hole.  I was wondering if this is an appropriate fertilizer for lilies and other 
spring flowering bulbs?  

 Our soil is low in phosphorus.  The directions from the bulb company said 
not to use bone meal because it is not a balanced fertilizer and attracts 
animals.  I tend to think that the company says that because they want you to buy 
the synthetic fertilizer that they have for sale.  

Knoxville, MD
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