[Market-farming] Re: cover crops

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sat Jul 24 17:14:37 EDT 2004

Get out there in mid-September to early-October and
broadcast / interseed / undersow into the standing crops
to establish a green living mulch that will overwinter as a
cover crop.

Do it when you have soil moisture, according to rains or

Crimson clover, Berseem clover, Arrowleaf clover, and Subclover
are winter annual legumes that can be used; annual ryegrass is
another one that is easy to establish.

Crimson clover and subclover and maybe arrowleaf clover are
borderline for winter hardiness leaving Zone 7 going into Zone 6.  

Crimson clover is easier to establish by broadcasting
and no further soil scratching than subclover, and it provides
more biomass.  

Rodale produced a series of cover crop reports on overseeding
in the fall, using rye and other species.

Steve Diver

what are the best cover crops to use in the mid-atlantic when you are still 
harvesting the remains of summer crops well into October?
Judy Tiger, Washington DC

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