[Market-farming] Internships, a different question

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Jul 22 21:45:35 EDT 2004

Folks -

I've noticed the last couple of years that the number of applicants 
we get for our internship positions are diminishing.

Gosh, in the early 90s, we were inundated in January and February 
with internship requests and farm visits. This year, we have two 
superb interns, but, well, gosh, I hate to even think of this, 
but....they were the only two applicants.

We pay interns a very good salary.  ($1800 a month) and there are 
lots of perks.  We farm in a quaint college town and are about an 
hour drive from both the Baltimore and the Washington metro center. 
ALso, we are just off the Potomac river and near the Appalachian 

Oh, and we are French intensive biodynamic. And, have a host of 
national teachers who visit the farm or whom we host in talks in town 

I think we're pretty attractive as both a place to learn and a place 
to live for the season.

How about the rest of you? Getting more applications or fewer?

I'm assuming that there are some institutional internship programs 
(Like through NOFA or PASA or ?) that I'm not registered with.

As it stands right now, all of our intern contacts come from either 
the biodynamic home page or from ATTRA.

Any ideas?

Thanks -Allan

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