[Market-farming] HELP with Sunberry aka Wonderberry??

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Thu Jul 22 15:06:32 EDT 2004

I'd like to hear more too. It's an interesting crop that is little known.

>Hi Growing Folk!
>     I need some small help.  My experimental variety of the year, is
>Solanum Burbankii - Sunberry or Wonderberry.  If i had known how
>prolifically these fruited, i'd have planted just a few plants!  I have
>so many of these, that i really need to learn what good uses to make of
>them.  The internet only comes up with using them cooked and sweetened as
>a pie filling.  They taste like a cross between tomatoes, berries, and
>watermelon!  They are very easy to pick, as they grow in clusters that
>ripen pretty much at the same time.
>    I just picked my first small bucket full and am going to experiment
>making a simple pie with Apple Pie spices.  Next, i will try to invent a
>smoky salsa with chipotles and mild peppers - perhaps using some of the
>Green Zebra Tomato crop for color IF these black berries do not stain the
>other ingredients!
>   Have any of you experience with these unusual things?  I would love to
>hear what you have done with them.  I searched for a few internet hours
>and came up fairly emptyhanded of ideas/recipes.
>Toni in "Mater"-land, Kentucky
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