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Flies are a sign of a problem pile. Whatever is drawing them should be covered with a thin layer of soil and the pile should not be kept too wet. There should be no odor at any time, start or finish. The pile should have a variety of compostable materials and have some soil interspersed with the materials. Green vegetation needs to be in it to heat it up as it breaks down, and the heat is good for reducing pathogens. The best reference IMHO is still Rodale's big book Compost.

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On 7/21/2004 at 11:18 PM Allan Balliett wrote:

>>2. I've noticed that the flies have found the pile.  Is there anything I
>>can (or should) do about this?  My guess is that any eggs laid will fail
>>becuase of the heat.  I'm wanting to be as organic as I can, which means
>>I'd rather not be spraying stuff on it or anything like that.  Fly traps
>>seem to attract more flies than they repel, so that's out, too.  I'm
>>hoping that the flies are doing some kind of important job to the pile
>>(just like the bacteria inside).
>IN my experience, once the compost pile is truly 'composting,' the 
>flies disappear. Sometimes this takes days and sometimes, with a good 
>compost starter applied, it can simply take hours.  -Alla
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