[Market-farming] Japanese Beetles and Edemame

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Wed Jul 21 15:58:55 EDT 2004


    I hope someone else can give you better advice. But unless you get rid
of the beetles, I don't think your plants will do anything for you if the
beetles eat all the leaves. Sevin insecticide will kill them quite
efficiently but you'll have to repeat sprays about once a week because the
beetles will just keep coming. Maybe someone knows an organic method for a
quick kill that's practical but I don't.

Bill Shoemaker
Sr Research Specialist, Food Crops
Univ of Illinois - St Charles Hort Research Center

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>I have the worst infestation of Japanese beetles I've ever seen on my
>two beds of edible soy beans. I'm talking about solid masses of
>beetles, maybe two thick on EVERY PLANT on two hundred foot beds. By
>now, they've skeletized the upper three branches of leaves and seem
>to be losing interest in the plants.
>I've tried several sprays on them, to no avail. Before I spend any
>more time on fidning something that will actually knock japanese
>beetles, I thought I'd ask: From your experience, am I going to lose
>this crop, or, after the beetles have lost interest, will the beans
>still produce? Plants still look perky, but, man!, are they shredded.
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