[Market-farming] Japanese Beetles and Edemame

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed Jul 21 15:08:14 EDT 2004

I have the worst infestation of Japanese beetles I've ever seen on my 
two beds of edible soy beans. I'm talking about solid masses of 
beetles, maybe two thick on EVERY PLANT on two hundred foot beds. By 
now, they've skeletized the upper three branches of leaves and seem 
to be losing interest in the plants.

I've tried several sprays on them, to no avail. Before I spend any 
more time on fidning something that will actually knock japanese 
beetles, I thought I'd ask: From your experience, am I going to lose 
this crop, or, after the beetles have lost interest, will the beans 
still produce? Plants still look perky, but, man!, are they shredded.


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