[Market-farming] sorghum-sudan grass as cover crop

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Mon Jul 19 17:20:12 EDT 2004

We bushhogged sorghum-Sudangrass in the spring after letting it just sit
(dead but tall) all winter.  I can't imagine using a tiller (I assume you
mean something like a BSC) - the stalks are big and tough.  Especially if
you want to do an early spring planting - before it really decomposes.   We
also tried using a riding mower (instead of a bush hog) in the fall, when it
was still green, with seed heads.  We could roll it down, but not chop or
cut it with the lawn mower.   Maybe you should experiment with a small area
first.  But it sure does grow well in clay soil and does give LOTS of
organic matter.

nan j. at dancing goats farm
n. mississippi   zone 7b

----- Original Message ----- > > I want to use cover crops that will winter
kill so that I don't have a
> > lot of heavy tilling to do in the spring, having only a small tiller
> > and no tractor. (central NJ, zone 6) Looking to break up heavy clay,
> > provide winter cover and organic matter, and possibly end up with some
> > cover I can plant early crops into.
> >
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