[Market-farming] does rapeseed winterkill?

Janet Bachmann janetb at ncat.org
Mon Jul 19 13:47:53 EDT 2004

If you can still get seed for sorghum-Sudangrass, often sold in seed 
stores for summer grazing or hay, you might want to try it. 
 Sorghum-Sudangrass is a fast growing hybrid that produces a tremendous 
amount of biomass, and is killed by frost.  I like to leave it on top of 
the soil as a mulch rather than turning it under, so don't know how 
tilling with your equipment will work.  Spring oats planted in the fall 
can be used in the same way, but may or may not winter kill in zone 6.

bob111higgins at comcast.net wrote:

> Hi All:
> I want to use cover crops that will winter kill so that I don't have a 
> lot of heavy tilling to do in the spring, having only a small tiller 
> and no tractor. (central NJ, zone 6) Looking to break up heavy clay, 
> provide winter cover and organic matter, and possibly end up with some 
> cover I can plant early crops into.

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