[Market-farming] Re: June bugs

Janet Bachmann janetb at ncat.org
Mon Jul 19 13:25:20 EDT 2004

Yes, thanks, Kevin, for the accurate information about green June 
beetles.  Since they are attracted to very ripe fruit, such as those 
juicey blackberries, I think some people have made traps using mashed 
berries and sugar water in buckets.  The beetles fly in and can't get 
out.  I should look this up before posting, but am short on time. 
 Intend to give it a try myself--when I find the time!
Janet Bachmann
Fayetteville, AR

>>What you are describing are typical of what are
>>commonly called June bugs.  The are actually a type of
>>scarab beetle, the family which includes dung beetles,
>>rose chafers, Japanese beetles, and the gigantic
>>Eastern Hercules Beetle.  June bug larvae are typical
>>of scarab larvae, the white, C-shaped grub found
>>eating roots of vegetation or found in rotting wood
>>(and compost on occasion).  The larvae of June bugs
>>are sod root feeders, I believe.
>>Cutworms are not the larvae of beetles, but are larvae
>>of certain moths.  They don't live in compost, but are
>>typically pests of transplants in sod ground that was
>>not turned in sufficient time.
>>Around here June bugs are very minor pests if at all.
>>I did run across quite a few feeding on the same wild
>>blackberries I was picking this morning.  It seems
>>they don't last very long, which is small comfort for
>>you right now.  Are they actually eating the ear, or
>>feeding on the silks?

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