[Market-farming] Nut Grass - any herbicide suggestions andtechniques?

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Mon Jul 19 09:05:22 EDT 2004


    If nutgrass is yellow nutsedge, you might try Sandea from Gowan Corp. It works pretty well on that weed and is labeled for quite a few crops. Watch out, however, for restrictions on what you can plant following Sandea. For some crops you might have to wait more than 24 months.

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  Subject: [Market-farming] Nut Grass - any herbicide suggestions andtechniques?

  I have nut grass thicker than Bermuda grass, and my extension agent says his only suggestion is to move. After 5 years, I am now ready to apply herbicide.

  Anyone have any suggestion as to which herbicide for nut grass, and application techniques/process. In some cases, it is next to trees and shrubs.

  Thank you in advance.

  Craig Gilbert

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