[Market-farming] Shade cloth for lettuce

Joan Vibert joan at windwalker-farm.com
Mon Jul 19 07:58:40 EDT 2004

Allan - the drip hose is fed through tubes on our mulch layer - these can be
adjusted but it seems mostly like it depends on how "fluffy" the soil is
when we lay mulch, consequently it does get under the soil often.  I mostly
prefer that it stay on top of the soil under the plastic so that I can
actually locate it when we're transplanting.  I hate that sinking feeling of
cutting into the drip when cutting holes for transplants - but it happens.
We use 8 mil because we toss it at the end of the season.  Has anyone ever
figured out a decent way to roll up drip after use and store it?  It never
seems to work for us - plus many of our beds aren't the same lengths because
we have some odd shaped areas - so each piece would have to be tagged with
the length.  Its easier to throw it away - especially if we're laying with
mechanically the next year.

Windwalker Farm
Ottawa, Kansas

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