[Market-farming] Re: Sub-irrigation

Eastex Farms eastexfarms at direcway.com
Sun Jul 18 20:09:16 EDT 2004

We use t-tape in 600' runs. This year tried burying it but had lots of
trouble with it. Leaks, our ground is kinda rocky in places, and it was only
8 mil. I think the heaver tape would work OK. We made a plow that would work
on the 3 point on tractor, like burying phone line. Anyway we will put out
our tape on top of the ground and cover it over when we plow. TexasBill

> >>  Does anyone have
> > experience with buried t-tape? I hear it will work, but it just seems
> > so unlikely that it really would!! Please share your experience.
> >I tried buried t-tape several years ago and it didn't hold up real well.
> Currently I'm using the black soaker hoses made of recycled tires.  They
> work really well and have held up beautifully for 4 years now.  Most of
> mine are above ground but I also have it in my potatoes where I bury it
> when the spuds get hilled.  Works like a charm.
>                                      Sora at Paradise Valley Organics
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