[Market-farming] Shade cloth for lettuce

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 18 14:48:43 EDT 2004

> Yes I have tried overhead misting in my 14 ft wide x 7ft high houses,
> There are many nice very cheap misting nozzles on the market but at 7ft
> high it was impossible to get even distrubution of mist, the slightest
> breeze blows the mist away. Overhead sprinklers with the smallest
> nozzle work better at that hight. At this moment I am using Misty Mist
> nozzles mounted 30" above the floor a top Dramm spray stiks they cover
> a 4ft circle and are spaced 4x4 ft apart and work very well. The supply
> line is 3/4" PE pipe. Lookup online Naan Sprinklers. Dramm products and
> Neta Film company I use products from all three ...Bob.

> Also, I'm interested in installing overhead misting with poly hose
> fastened to the hoops. Anyone doing this? What I'm looking for is an
> emmiter that will mist heavily in an area about 4ft in diameter. Any
> suffestions?

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