[Market-farming] Shade cloth for lettuce

Matt Cheselka cheselka at theriver.com
Sun Jul 18 11:02:36 EDT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Joan Vibert wrote:

> I noticed in the Farmtek catalog that they have a knitted shade cloth in
> either black or white that can be cut without raveling.  I was wondering
> about trying it over hoops covering lettuce beds for summer growing.  I have
> recently seeded more lettuce and kept the soil cool(er) during germination
> with rolls of burlap - but now that the lettuce is up I'd like to keep it
> out of the heat as much as possible.  And I hate the regular shade cloth
> because of the raveling it does.  Is there such as thing as a remay-type
> shade?

Joan, I use a fairly thick row cover for my lettuce (and most of my other
veggies), which I grow year-round here in southeast Arizona.  It's called
'N-Sulate' and I belive it's about 70% transmissive.  Awesome stuff.  Very 
tough, too.  Keeps the heat and bright light off in the summer, keeps the 
frost off in the winter (where it gets into the single digits for a couple 
weeks every year).

Here's an example of what I'm doing:



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