[Market-farming] Tomatoes/gender oops

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Sat Jul 17 16:10:47 EDT 2004

Probably not a gentleman. Gentlemen don't wait for people to mis-speak and
then tease them like I did. I was just having some fun.

Marty Kraft

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> <<<<<Hmmmm? I'm a man and understand something about liking chocolate.
> Sometimes it's verrrrry gooood!>>>>
> LOL!   You got me.  That was very bad of me. :-(  I should have said ladies
> and gentlemen.
> Does this do it?  Only you can know if "gentleman" applies to you!  I knew
> your gender, but I have yet to learn if you are a gentleman! hee-hee.  I am
> new on the list after all.  <bg>  Oh, my!  I just realized the "ladies"
> label probably wouldn't fit me as well! <ng>
> ............................................................................
> ..............................
> Pat is right.  I may have just gotten a great batch as I have never thought
> store tomatoes of any type were that exciting.  But remember, everything in
> our store is not ripe when displayed!  This was one rare occasion.
> Actually, the store has been better the last two months.  I am sure it will
> be back to unripe, limited fruit and veggies come fall/winter.  Ever find
> only green bananas, hard pears, and peaches in your store?  That is the
> "offering" by our local store most months.  Any wonder we don't bother?
> We are located in a forgotten section in MT about 1.5hr south of the Canada
> border.  We are in the land of "sucker holes".  If you live without sun for
> 5-6 months each year, you will know what that means!  My hubby has recently
> told me that he may consider returning to the Helena/Townsend area!  Wahoo!
> Sunshine for 10 months of the year instead of 6!!!!!!!  Well, he said we
> could retire there, so I am not packing yet.
> Christina

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