[Market-farming] Essentila Oil Production

Mark A Abner wizard1 at kih.net
Fri Jul 16 22:45:03 EDT 2004

David Tannen wrote:

> Anybody out there doing essential oil production?If so, is there an
> inexpensive process to accomplish this?Decent distillation units over
> the internet appear to start at $400.00 (www.heartmagic.com). Any
> suggestions?
> A 12 quart preasure cooker a 50 ft roll of 1.4 ince soft copper
> tubeing and a sink full of cold water. un screw the jiggler fiting
> from the top of the cooker like and replaceit it with a 1/8" npt x
> 1/4" comprsion fitting attacht the coil of copper tubing to this and
> set the coil in the sink of cold water and let the other end of the
> tubeing drip into a contianer to catch the alcochol as you cook it out
> of the tincured herbs( oh yeah you need to tincture your herbs in
> grain alcohol first and then strain the solids out of your tincture )
> This set up will set you back under a hundred bucks and doesnt hur the
> cooker for canning just replace the jiggler head when yo want to use
> it for canning
> Mark
> David
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