[Market-farming] Re: was whiteflies on tomatoes (robert schuler), now hard to control pests on tomatoes

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Bob, I appreciate what you are saying.  The pyrethrum
products like Pyganic seem to be essentially the same
as the rest of the pesticides, but only with an
organic label.  But my question/comment relates to how
one controls something like Colorado tomato beetle on
tomatoes (or potatoes for that matter) without one of
these broad spectrum pesticides, short of hand
picking.  (I hired my at-the-time pre-teen son to pick
beetles from some tomatoes I had planted a couple
years ago.  I forget what I told him I would pay him
per beetle, but I could swear he was counting beetle
legs instead of beetles when the bill came in.)


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> White flies on field grown tomatoes in NJ are rare.
> Using pyrethrum will
> control white flies but will worsen the problem in
> the long run, because
> pyrethrum kills all your beneficial insects that eat
> whiteflys. Without
> the beneficials you are setting yourself up for a
> serious thrip and
> spider mite infestation that will be far worse then
> whitefly. We already
> have a problem with them in the southern end of the
> state.
> Try a different chemistry that protects beneficial I
> prefer to use
> Spintor or the organic version called Entrust
> alternated with Azatin
> which is a neem product. This combination works well
> on tomatoes and
> both are many times less toxic than pyrethrum.
> Bob
> Sunny Meadow Farm
> Bridgeton, NJ.

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