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Thanks for the good advice on whiteflies. I will search out the neem product, and I'm also going to spray more frequently with just veg oil and a little soap, diluted in water until they are under control. Plus the nasturiums. I do have a good population of ladybugs in the garden overall, including still on the tomatoes, and I definitely don't want to wipe them out. The plain oil and soap spray shouldn't hurt the ladybugs much but I'm told will help cut down on the whiteflies.
Bob Higgins

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White flies on field grown tomatoes in NJ are rare. Using pyrethrum will control white flies but will worsen the problem in the long run, because pyrethrum kills all your beneficial insects that eat whiteflys. Without the beneficials you are setting yourself up for a serious thrip and spider mite infestation that will be far worse then whitefly. We already have a problem with them in the southern end of the state. 
Try a different chemistry that protects beneficial I prefer to use Spintor or the organic version called Entrust alternated with Azatin which is a neem product. This combination works well on tomatoes and both are many times less toxic than pyrethrum. 
Sunny Meadow Farm 
Bridgeton, NJ. 
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Hi All: 
I now have a problem for the second time this season with serious whitefly populations on my tomatoes -- all varieties. First time I used pyola and water spray (pyola is canola oil with pyrethrin). I caught it earlier this time, perhaps the next generation from the first infestation. It's been hard to spray at the proper intervals because of all the rain. Will use pyola again. 
But: in many years of home gardening, now market, I've never had whitefly problems. I associate them with greenhouse production, not field. Any guesses as to why? Is it the wet spells we've had in NJ? Soil deficiencies? 
Also, any other suggestions for control besides the oil/pyrethrin combo? Or for a spraying regimen? Thanks. 
Bob, Red Brick Farm, Hopewell 
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