[Market-farming] Tomatoes

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Fri Jul 16 14:13:41 EDT 2004

<<<<Indoor tomatoes only need to be jiggled a bit when in blossom (to
simulate breezes) for pollination.>>>  I know, but I thought I would double
my chances this way!

Thank you for the link, Pat.  My only concern for really early tomatoes is
flavor.  Some may ripen, but they are not as flavorful as others.  With
flavor being subjective, it would be hard to go by suggestions by others.
But I will risk it!

List members: What early tomatoes have that deep tomato flavor?

I just *gulp* bought grape tomatoes from the store.  There are no local
tomatoes ready or I would eat mine!  I HAVE to admit.  They were delicious.
Fully ripe with REAL tomato flavor (almost wine-like).  Is this indicative
of grape tomatoes?  Perhaps since they are not widely available

Or were we just so anxious for tomatoes while watching our tomatoes grow, we
over-exaggerated the flavor?  These were so good, it was like a "chocolate"
experience.  (For those ladies that understand chocoholic reactions!)

The label said it was a product of Mexico, but it had a CA business address.

I am going to try that link and see if grape tomatoes are possible in our
area if I grow them in the hoophouse.


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