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Thanks for your knowledgable information.  Two years ago we had a host of
June bugs and the larva really worked the compost/shavings into the ground
along my strawberry patch.  There were so many that it did hinder root
growth.  Normally, though, they are pests on our berries.for just a couple

The June bug grubs are at least three times the size of the Japanese beetle
grubs, but look very similar.

Christine Burkholder
Glen Eco Farm

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> Chuck,
> What you are describing are typical of what are
> commonly called June bugs.  The are actually a type of
> scarab beetle, the family which includes dung beetles,
> rose chafers, Japanese beetles, and the gigantic
> Eastern Hercules Beetle.  June bug larvae are typical
> of scarab larvae, the white, C-shaped grub found
> eating roots of vegetation or found in rotting wood
> (and compost on occasion).  The larvae of June bugs
> are sod root feeders, I believe.
> Cutworms are not the larvae of beetles, but are larvae
> of certain moths.  They don't live in compost, but are
> typically pests of transplants in sod ground that was
> not turned in sufficient time.
> Around here June bugs are very minor pests if at all.
> I did run across quite a few feeding on the same wild
> blackberries I was picking this morning.  It seems
> they don't last very long, which is small comfort for
> you right now.  Are they actually eating the ear, or
> feeding on the silks?
> Kevin
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