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What you are describing are typical of what are
commonly called June bugs.  The are actually a type of
scarab beetle, the family which includes dung beetles,
rose chafers, Japanese beetles, and the gigantic
Eastern Hercules Beetle.  June bug larvae are typical
of scarab larvae, the white, C-shaped grub found
eating roots of vegetation or found in rotting wood
(and compost on occasion).  The larvae of June bugs
are sod root feeders, I believe.  

Cutworms are not the larvae of beetles, but are larvae
of certain moths.  They don't live in compost, but are
typically pests of transplants in sod ground that was
not turned in sufficient time.

Around here June bugs are very minor pests if at all. 
I did run across quite a few feeding on the same wild
blackberries I was picking this morning.  It seems
they don't last very long, which is small comfort for
you right now.  Are they actually eating the ear, or
feeding on the silks?


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