[Market-farming] Re: organic squash bug control

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Fri Jul 16 07:54:26 EDT 2004

>I second the idea of the radish companion planting. Two years ago, 
>the last time I grew pumpkins and squashes, my large japanese 
>radishes were nearby and attracked the attention of the pests, 
>including also flea beatles, leaving far fewer on the squash.

I must be blessed: I've never had flea beetles on my squash nor my 
cucumbers!! (Shouldn't have read that mail!!)

I wanted to ask: are squash borers REALLY drawn to radishes? Why in 
the world would they go to a radish? Do others have good experience 
with using radish as a trap crop for borers?

Thanks -Allan

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