[Market-farming] RE: peppers

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Wed Jul 14 13:44:18 EDT 2004


Nichol's Nursery in OR has Tai Dragon Hot Pepper seeds.  30 seeds $2.15, 2gm
$10.95.  It says each plant can produce up to 150 peppers on one plant

Nichols Garden Nursery

One cannot assume this is the same variation as Thai Chile Peppers.  Do you
know the latin name?  Cooks Nursery of VT has a wonderful catalog that
states the name clearly so there is no assumption that a similar naming item
is the same plant.

I picked up a few "chili peppers" that resemble this description.  My
husband eats sliced jalapeno peppers as a snack, but says these are unique.
The first bite lies!!  It is not bad at first, but by the third bite my
hubby started to heat up!  He can't eat these fresh in the garden as he can
with other "hot" peppers.

I may consider selling them as you have suggested.  I am about to put them
on my website as: "Perfect addition to pickled egg recipes!"  Yes.  I sell
farm fresh eggs!

I am not sure of the true name of these peppers.  They were sold at a local
hardware store.

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