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I've used worm castings for years but not really sure how to produce my own. Please send me more info.

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I have been reading the posts on worms and as a worm farmer I can give you a few ideas.
First I raise pheretimas of the nightcrawler family. They are bigger than redworms and smaller then Europeans. I raise them for bait and for the garden as they are a deep burrowing worm and great for the garden. You can start them right in the garden or you can use bottomless  buckets or 55 gal trash cans cut in half. Put them a couple of inches into the ground add pre heated compost or anything for bedding add moisture and worms. You can feed the worms all your food scraps except meats, dairy products or grease/oils. They will compost all you feed them and spread out into the garden and work the soil for you. Their castings (poop) are the richest fertilizer you can find and all natural. If anyone wants more info let me know. 
So. Ca in the desert
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