[Market-farming] Melons - Crane Melons, Fall Crops

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Tue Jul 13 13:08:17 EDT 2004


Speaking of melons, has anybody grown Crane Melons ? They are one of the
products which are marked for preservation under The Ark project of the Slow
Foods movement in the US.  For more information go to
http://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark/cranemelon.html, seeds are avaialble from
Baker seeds.  As a thin skinned melon they do not ship well, thus making an
excellent direct marketing product which cannot be obtained through other

While you're at the Slow Foods site be sure to check out the joint Terra
Madre and Salone del Gusto conferences sponsored byt Slow Foods in Turin
Italy on October 21-25.  It sounds like the ultimate food and agriculture


> Has anyone grown Tigger melons before?  If so, could you
> give us an estimate of how many days are required...

Fall Crops - Thai Chile Swags

An interesting fall crop possibility for those of you with Farmers Markets
which run through until November are Thai Chile Peppers.  I don't know if it
was a grower on this list or another one I'm on who grows Thai Pepper
plants, allows the fruit to mature  and then just before Thanksgiving
harvests the entire plant and allows it to dry upside down.   A bow and
maybe a hanging loop makes it into the perfect Christmas swag for home chefs
or gardeners.  The red peppers on the green leaves give a perfect
Christmassy look.

If the person who has sold these in the past is on this list would you
please elaborate on this?
- What variety seeds?  (I think I recall Thai Dragon, which according to
Johnnys has been discontinued and their remaining seed stock is only
available as treated seed.)  Alternatives?

-  How long from seeding to harvest -  Johnnys says 70 days which would make
for seeding on September 1 which is OK in the sunny south and allows a
couple of weeks for drying.   Is this timing OK or do you have to add some
more time in order to get 100% ripe fruit?

-  How much drying time  (is there an optimal time at which they look their
best for sale?  Can you store the harvested plant in a cooler to prolong the
"fresh" look?

-  Cultural information - under culture Johnnys mentions the use of cold
treatment of the seedlings to inclrease fruit production, has anybody tried

-  Price

-  Any good recipes to include with the swags?

If you have a botanical garden in your area or some nice gift ships or
gourmet stores these might make a great gift item if you can make the
numbers work in a resale situation.


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