[Market-farming] French Melons

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Tue Jul 13 05:19:19 EDT 2004

We grew Savor Charentais melon in the 
hoophouse last fall. No trellising and I 
believe spacing was at 24". We used drip 
irrigation hooked to a 250 gallon tank that 
received rain water from our roof. It was wet 
enough last fall that we did not have to use 
well water.

Because the melons were in a hoophouse we had 
to hand pollinate. This meant going in at 
least once a day, usually in the mid to late 
morning when the pollen is strong and the 
female flowers are open fully. Without good 
hand pollination you will get few to no melons.

because we had this isolated hand pollinated 
melon patch we saved seed from the F1 hybrid 
savor. Planted the seeds this spring in 
another hoophouse and now we have at least 3 
different melons growing. There is a smooth 
skinned deeply ribbed melon. a netted skinned 
ribbed melon and a netted skinned ribless 
melon. haven't eaten any yet, though sold 3 
this past Saturday.

We were expecting the netted skinned melons 
along with the charentais type in these seeds 
as the seed we got from Johnny's last year 
was 1/2 smooth skinned, ribbed and 1/2 netted 
skinned no ribs (both excellent eating, 
tasted the same). now we have a 3rd type 
expressing itself.

Lucy Goodman
New Paris, OH

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