[Market-farming] flowers

Hook Family ghf at townisp.com
Fri Jul 9 15:49:46 EDT 2004

<<<mason jars for $5>>> (flowers in mason jars)
Great idea!  We got some ancient jars with tiny cracks from someone cleaning
their garage.  Wondered what I could do with these jars.  I am thinking of
putting a old-fashion ribbon around the top and plucking a few flowers in
each. (Not all the jars are cracked, however they are so old.  I worry they
will explode during processing.  And they have a wonderful old-fashion


This is a good idea but of course eventually you'll run out although I've
heard those old ones aren't good to use for real canning so if you put a
notice up somewhere about how you'll take them off someones hands for the
hauling you might get some bites. As for your customers you could also put a
sign up either ie: "recyle your jars and return if you have no use for them,
thank-you" you could offer a small deduction in next purchase.  Beth ps you
could use ordinary jar ie jelly not as pretty as old but good.

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