[Market-farming] RE: Attracting worms

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Fri Jul 9 14:49:13 EDT 2004

 A compost pile is quite different IMHO.  The internal heat in a pile would
> be higher that what is in a five gallon bucket.  Also the bucket is not
> going to have the same ventilation.  By the time it is buried deep enough to
> work, it may not make a suitable container.  A large tub or barrel make
> better sense.  What does others on the list think?  I love the idea of
> pulling up a few buckets or barrels at the end of the season, spread with
> rake, and till.
We could drill air holes in the buckets for air

> I conclude the cover would be necessary to keep the bugs and disease down.
> I would think I would need to water occasionally.  I also conclude this
> would not be a replacement of my compost system.
> Have you tried this Marty?
I was hoping someone else had - for ideas.

I am expanding our garden next year (triple).  I
> am thinking I should start to gather buckets now.  It seems to be a
> work-able solution.  It would put the compost right back in the garden where
> it is intended to go without that round trip to the compost piles.
> Our farm's mission is to reduce all outside resources and inputs including
> labor.  This would fit in the plan.
That's why we are going to try it too.
> Christina

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