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Fri Jul 9 08:09:39 EDT 2004

Alison stated:

>Our state frowns on taxes being included in the price
because it makes 
the customer "feel" like they aren't being charged
sales tax.  Oh well, 
we're used to it.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

Alison, I'd say the heck with what the state frowns
on.  Just like vending machines don't deal with
pennies, you shouldn't feel forced to.  If you feel
compelled to let customers know, just put it on your
signage that the price includes sales tax.  The part
of your income that you lose to sales tax (if you
can't comfortably raise the price) surely is worth the
time and hassle saved.

Kevin (who is frequently frustrated with government)

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