[Market-farming] Re: Buying Manure

Roger Weeks rjweeks70 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 15:08:01 EDT 2004

We get rabbit and guinea pig manure on a weekly - or sometimes more 
frequent basis - from our local Humane Society.  My wife volunteers 
there, and when we started up our worm bins this year, we asked what 
they did with the manure from the rabbits.  They were just throwing it away.

It comes with the litter, which is either hay, or some other material 
that is made out of shredded recycled paper.  We feed it to our worms 
and also spread it out in our flower beds.

There are all sorts of sources of organic material out there.  We pick 
up coffee grounds from a local coffee shop, and hair clippings from a 
beauty parlor.  Worms happily eat both, and the coffee grounds also make 
a good nitrogen addition to any soil.  In addition to our own vegetable 
scraps, the worms also get thrown-out greens from our closest grocery store.

Sonoma county is also horse country, there are more horse properties 
within 3 miles of our place than I can count.  While you wouldn't want 
to use straight horse manure, composting it makes it very usable.

Roger Weeks

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