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Wed Jul 7 17:22:54 EDT 2004

What you are describing is known as Garlic Rounds.  It is a natural occuring 
phenomenon.  For 20 out of 500, I'd say that is about right as to what you 
would expect to see for devolpment.  As garlic goes through the development 
underground from a clove to a fully cloved bulb, it first swells into a large round 
undivided ball with a lot of wrappers that look to be like one single, solid 
ball of garlic. When it begins to grow, it begins to divide and sub-divide 
into as many cloves as it can before the heat causes it to lose its leaves. If 
the temperature increases before the garlic has time to divide, then the result 
is a large undivided round. 

Just curious what you do with the undivided rounds? These can be replanted in 
the fall and will divide the following spring into fairly sizable bulbs. They 
can also be sold as rounds as there is a market for them if you present them 
as the unique product that they are.

Each year at harvest, we also get some garlic rounds from the total planted. 
There isnt anything that you can do different  to prevent this. It seems some 
cloves will just be more sensitive to enviromental conditions than others and 
give you a different product.


Denise Cimmarrusti
University Of Illinois Extension
Master Gardener
Kane County, Il
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