[Market-farming] Buying Manure

Margaret L Wilson booldawgs at cavenet.com
Wed Jul 7 14:44:12 EDT 2004

I have to agree with Robin.  
Nothing leaves this farm without being paid for.  When I had a much smaller property I bought manure for my garden.  I kept rabbits as much for the manure as anything else.  IMHO, rabbit manure is like gold.  I doubt that I would sell it and I sure wouldn't give it away.  I have seen it sold in small bags for gardeners.  If I had excess manure I would be raising worms, either for bait or composter red worms.  

I have 4 horses, 15 head of Dexter cattle, 85 sheep and poultry on 53 acres.  This land has been used hard but is not completely worn out.      Excess hay goes back to the land.  I bring in 25 tons of alfalfa and probably as much grass hay.  Sheep manure is as good as rabbit manure. After 2 years you can see how much better the fields are where the sheep graze.  The sheep barn manure goes to improve the garden area.  It has gone from hard rocky clay to beautiful, dark, fertile raised beds.  This is the 3rd year and by next year it should be turning a profit.

Margaret  FarAwayFarm

 What about you? (Remember: this doesn't involve loading or hauling by 
> the rabbit breeder. I shovel the manure from right where he'd put it 
> if I wasn't taking it.) Would you pay for manure? Do you pay for 
> manure now?

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