[Market-farming] Buying Manure

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed Jul 7 07:01:34 EDT 2004

>Nope - never pay for manure.  I have a rabbit breeder friend - in
>Lincoln, VA - who will give you as much rabbit manure as you could
>possibly need!

I bet. Where's Lincoln?

>There's also Lynnfield Horse Farm, on Rt. 9, just east of Breaux
>Vineyards.  They'll even load it for you.

Been there. Not the quality we need. Thanks.

>If the "school teaching couple" wants something, and you like their, um,
>stuff - give 'em some veggies!

Manure normally goes into their garden (believe me, they'e used 
enough) They are also trying to sell me spuds. Guess what?

>Lotta nerve, if you ask me.  Aren't they just letting it sit there???

They spread it on their place, but, of course, too much manure is too 
much manure (but they may not know that)

>You also need to educate them about the finances of farming, my friend!

Robert - I assume they are asking for money from me because they are 
already educated!!
That's the bind: wouldn't I like to sell my waste stream, also? (What 
IS my waste stream? piles of rocks??)


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