[Market-farming] Flower price

Sue Oberle sue at oberlebotanical.com
Tue Jul 6 11:03:56 EDT 2004

My first post after months of lurking!

Flowers are a funny thing for me at market. Sometimes sell a lot;
sometimes I end up "giving"  them away at markets end. I'll give them to
good, repeat customers, elderly folks, etc. I see this as an investment,
not a loss. I look for neat containers through the winter (cheap!!) and
often sell them with the container - seems to help sales. My bouquets go
for $4.00 to $15.00, depending on size. We also have a "by the bucket"
price of $30.00 (5 gal. Square bucket) Around mid summer we do a handout
that goes into bags about basil in bulk & flowers by the bucket. 

One thing I'm sure of though - they attract the eye & dress up the
table. Even if I don't sell them, I'm sure they attract people to our
stand. AND we get a good amount of interest in the flower by the bucket
thing for weddings, parties, etc. People see those flowers every week &
it registers in their minds. I think this is where a person can really
make money on flowers. A fully conditioned bucket of flowers will hold
up a long time & lots of people see them if it's a party, wedding,
banquet. 2 very good things. Without all the extra labor of putting
together bouquets, buying sleeves, etc.

Sue in Colorado

I make up a bouquet and sell it for $3. 

WOW!  At the market where I sell, the bouquets are going for $7 ea.!  I
think it is a bit high, but then we cut bouquets out of our yard last
firday for something to sell and I was getting $5.50 a bouqet.  And I
was more than thrilled with that!!!!  I don't really mess with flowers
yet but that little bit was fun!

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