[Market-farming] Garlic Question

Dcimmarr at aol.com Dcimmarr at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 07:24:14 EDT 2004

I am also zone 5. The bubil formation on the garlic that  you are referring 
to is nothing to worry about. Some varieties....esp. Red Toch have these bubils 
naturally occuring in the area you mentioned, rather than at the top of the 
scape. These are plantable bubils and a good way to reproduce garlic to 
increase your stock if however you dont mind doing this for a few years. The bubils 
that you speak of planting will eventually turn into bulbs pretty similar to 
the ones you originally planted. The first year after planting the bubils, you 
will most likely harvest small versions of the original. Each succesive year in 
which you plant out the cloves from that bulb, the garlic should increase in 
size until it reaches its full genetic capability. I may have some digital 
photos I can send you off list if you would like to see the size of these bulbs 
having grown from bubils. Also garlic to ship.
Denise Cimmarrusti
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