[Market-farming] Cooling off-grid

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Mon Jul 5 15:13:44 EDT 2004

>>I let them sit for 1/2 hour, then
>>make up bouquets which each go into their container of solution.  Then
>>into the coolers with the an ice jug wrapped in a towel.  I swap jugs in
>>the morning and the flowers are chilled and ready for the ride into town.
> You've lost me! How tall are your bouquests? What are you using for
> containers? -Allan
>Sorry...the bouquets are limited in height by the size of the cooler.
Sometimes if I have something Tall like Delphinium, I'll wrap the base in
paper towels soaked in the solution inside a plastic bag and lay it in
the cooler sideways.  For containers, I've been hitting all the Goodwill
type stores for vases.  They are usually $.50-.75 apiece and are always
plentiful at these stores.  I use the smaller ones at market because I
found our area was too poor to feel they could squander $7 for a large
bouquet but had no problem with a 6 stem mini-bouquet for $2.50.  The
larger ones work well for my flower shares at $7.

One of our most prolific veggie vendors at our market is also off-grid and
she works entirely with a concrete root cellar with a dirt/gravel floor. 
She says it stays at about 48 degrees year round.  She patterned hers off
of the root cellars at Ronnigers Potato farm, where they are operating a
huge seed potato operation completely out of root cellars.  There might be
info on their website ronnigers.com.  I believe USDA also has pamphlets
available on root cellar construction.

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