[Market-farming] Re: Flower price

nancy a parker nan3russ at juno.com
Mon Jul 5 12:40:40 EDT 2004

I sell flowers at 5 for $1, most folks take $3 dollars at least. Couple
other vendors have bouquets made when they come, in glass jars, and sell
for $4 a bouquet. They always sell out to regular customers. Last
week,they sold out before all the regulars had been there and made them
Maybe they'll be mine next week.
Lot of people like to make their own so I offer that option. When the
number gets low, I make up a bouquet and sell it for $3.
They are all homegrown which I do not find to always be the case. 
I find I can't possibly grow and sell cilantro for what Meijers does. 5
inch around(wide) for .69. Plants are a different story.Atleast a $1 a
Just some thoughts,
Nancy Parker
Sulphur Hill Farm Gardens

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