[Market-farming] Increasing flower prices and sales

OakCamp2 at aol.com OakCamp2 at aol.com
Mon Jul 5 11:12:07 EDT 2004

My booth was adjacent to a flower vendor this last Saturday.  O my gosh her 
flowers were selling like hot cakes at the price you stated in your post.  She 
had 3 helpers with her and one was arranging small bouquets(not flower numbers 
but small in size) of flowers that will dry naturally and the other two 
helpers were making bouquets to order for eachcustomer.
Watching them work was exhausting!  But they sold everything.  She came to 
market with each type of flower in a separate buckets and asked the customers 
which <main flowers> they wanted included in the bouquet. Then she would use 
fillers and accents flowers until she had a large bouquet, trimmed and wrapped up 
for each person.
Would something like this work for you?
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