[Market-farming] Increasing flower prices and sales

Lori Sands tchfrch at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 4 23:36:24 EDT 2004

I am so disappointed- I knew that my smaller market was not a "flower town", 
and now I am trying to figure out how to change my approach to flower 

The bouquets I took to market this week were beautiful-  4 or 5 "Pro-Cut" 
sunflowers per bunch mixed with ammi, yarrow, daylily buds, and wild 
grasses. They were full and gorgeous. I was asking $8.00 per bouquet and 
several people inspected them quite closely then walked away because of the 
price.  The farmers next to me had one bouquet the same size (no sunflowers) 
which sold at $7.00.

I have been selling flowers for 5 years and have not had trouble with 
pricing before.  Customers at a different market used to pay $1.00 per 
sunflower.  This market is smaller and in a smaller town,  but the customers 
are fairly affluent.

I am concerned as I will soon be selling smaller bouquets of zinnias, 
lisianthus, etc,  and I don't want to price them lower than what they are 
worth.  But neither do I want to compost my beautiful flowers.

One obvious solution is to make the sunflower bouquets smaller and lower the 
what has anyone else done in this situation?

Lori Sands
western PA

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